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Category Cable Myths and Legends
    Category Cables are twisted pair cables certified for performance to the ANSI/TIA/EIA-568C telecommunications standard. The currently active levels are Categories 3,5e, 6, and 6A. Each level is fully backwards compatible to the levels below it...
Category Cables and Their Non-Category Applications
    Today the twisted pair infrastructure is used for many applications that are definitely not under the original LAN standard. Sending high frequency media over twisted pair used to be an expensive alternative to cables made for that specific purpose, remember RGB cable?
Cheap is as Cheap Does
    Liberty will never be the cheapest product on the market. Why is this? It is about commitment. Commitment to quality, commitment to service, and commitment to our customers. There is a line we don't cross with the products we offer...
Common Video Resolutions
    A handy reference on terms relating to Common Video Resolutions
Compression Connectors Demystified
    Compression Connectors are popular because they bring speed to the installation. It takes less then 30 seconds to install Compression connectors whereas the crimp style connectors take about a minute each and solder style connectors about 2 minutes each from a much practiced installer...
Custom HDMI Applications
    HDMI and cables have had a lot of industry noise for many years now. HDMI changed the way they refer to cables and the specification number (that pesky 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 number) is now a non-issue with cables. Instead the cables are categorized by their data throughput and features. No cable should ever be called a "1.3 cable" or a "1.4 cable".
Frequently Asked Questions
    You've got Balun questions, we've got answers...
HD Field Termination Becomes Reality
    The ability to easily field terminate cables has long been a shortcoming of HDMI for the AV integrator. Often times installers simply cannot determine the exact cable length requirements until time of installation. They are forced to pay more for longer length cables than actually required and then must find creative ways to conceal excess cable slack. Liberty has addressed this issue with the release of the HD Termination System...
HDBaseT Explained
    HDBaseT is an exciting and groundbreaking technology, allowing several cables between a source and a destination to be consolidated into a single LAN cable. Furthermore, thanks to robust processing, high-definition signals can be transmitted further and more reliably over twisted pair than ever before...
HDshak Technology Explained
    HDshāk® eliminates many of the challenges contractors face when designing and installing high-definition systems, including limited keys in source equipment, HDMI transmission distances, and limited bandwidth concerns. HDshāk technology delivers the highest level of EDID negotiation, ensuring proper handshaking...
It's 4:00AM, Do you know where your order is?
    Managing installations, especially from the field, has always been difficult. With today's web site technology, coordinating orders and jobs is getting easier. Good supplier web sites help keep you on top of your schedule.
PanelCrafters Rack Headers
    Check out the PanelCrafters Rack Header. These rack-mount business cards are the perfect way to brand your install. Leave your critical contact info right where your end users can always find it, and make your rack look better than all the rest...
To Balun, or Not to Balun
    A balun is a small transformer which converts an audio or video signal from unbalanced to balanced and vice versa (hence the term "bal*un"). In all fairness, however, not all baluns are true "baluns;" the term balun has become a synonymous with any device which transmits audio and video over structured cabling.
Understanding HDMI Specs
    Understanding HDMI cable specifications can be confusing. Without an adequate understanding of the common terms, it is nearly impossible to compare one cable to another or determine if a particular cable will support the video resolution that your application requires.
What Goes Into Pink?
    It's become a tradition for Arizona Cardinals' Wide Receiver Larry Fitzgerald to honor his mother during breast cancer awareness month. This year, "#ThinkPink" is his motto on Twitter - and he is also backing up his words with his wallet: $1000 per reception and $10,000 per Touchdown for all 4 games in October. If you aren't a fan of the Cardinals, you should become a fan of Larry Fitzgerald...
What is the Analog Sunset?
    If you ask ten industry people this question you'll undoubtedly get ten different answers. So what exactly does it mean? In the professional A/V industry this term has been used loosely to describe a shift from analog video to digital video. The majority of new video technology developments...
Wireless ≠ No Wires
    Video signals in the A/V world are primarily transmitted via 75 Ohm coaxial cables. But did you know Liberty has 50 Ohm coaxial cables for Wireless systems? We have a full gamut of mating connectors and tooling. BNC's, TNC's, N, SMA's - you name it and we support it.
You Can't Bend the Rules
    Since PanelCrafters' humble beginnings as a custom plate & panel provider, we've been tied directly to Aerospace manufacturing. Most of what we were came from custom panels for equipment testing - patch panels and test system control panels for use on Racks. We've come a long way from those days, but have one specific holdover from the old days.


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