Liberty's new Active Plates and Panels, developed for the company's PanelCrafters division, extend the distance electronic signals can travel without degradation. Ingeniously designed to solve installation challenges and improve performance, they promise installers enhanced design flexibility as well as dramatic savings in both time and expense.

Liberty's broad selection of Active Plates are equipped as needed with powered amplifiers, signal boosters and HDMI repeaters to serve the needs of AV professionals who must increasingly deal with a greater variety of AV signals in more demanding environments. Such factors as signal type, wire quality, and other connections in the signal path, can adversely affect signal quality and strength. DVI, HDMI and USB signals, for example, are greatly reduced when transmitted more than 15 feet.

Liberty's Digital, VGA, USB and HDMI Active Plates and Panels, coupled with the company's in-depth technical expertise, provide an ideal solution for AV professionals who need to extend the distance an electronic signal can travel without degradation, in both digital and analog environments. All Liberty's active products are fabricated from high-quality aluminum, and designed to fit perfectly into all standard-size junction boxes.
In addition to superb plate construction and design flexibility, PanelCrafters offers the most streamlined and accurate proofing process in the industry. Proofs are consistent between Liberty's on-line quoting programs, and quotes produced by PanelCrafters staff. PanelCrafters up-front proofing process makes the quote-to-order process fast and easy. Up-front proofing ensures that plates are produced exactly as requested and always on time.