There are a lot of mounts out there to choose from. Installer's Choice took the time to analyze the features and durability of these products and worked closely with AV installers to develop a mount line that is more robust and easier to install than anything else on the market.

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Fixed Series

These fixed wall mounts provide a safe, secure, static mounting solution for flat panel displays from 10" to 71". Fixed display mounts feature the shortest distance from the back of the display to the wall. The tilt mount ensures optimal screen viewing in any room setting.

Tilt Series

This series features flat panel wall mounts for LCD and plasma displays from 10" to 71". Installer's Choice tilt mounts provide -9 degree thru 15 degree tilt adjustments to provide the perfect viewing angle. The tilt mount ensures optimal screen viewing in any room setting.

Articulating Mount Series

Pivot/Articulating Mounts extend from the wall in one or two stud mounting solutions. They provide an additional swivel point for maximum display viewing angles for 26" to 71" flat panel displays. Mounts can be fully adjusted in vertical and horizontal axis for mounting/room alignment.

Surge Suppression Connection Boxes & Accessories

Our surge suppression connection boxes provide an organized, recessed space where your cables can easily be bundled and tied down out of sight. We also offer hardware kits for metal studs and locks to secure your mount.