Why you need PowerBridge

  • Wall mounted HDTV's or ceiling mounted projectors need power.
  • Don't want to have ugly cords hanging down outside the wall.
  • Can't put the TV power cord or any type of extension cord inside a wall or ceiling.
  • Flat Screen HDTV and Projectors should be protected from power surge.
  • Hiring an electrician to install a regular outlet can be expensive.

No one wants to see a half a dozen cords and wires hanging down the wall from the TV, and everyone wants their expensive HDTV plugged into external power-surge for complete protection, but how to do it. "Bridge-the-power" up the wall to meet code compliancy and plug into existing power and surge protection, and it had to be safe and easy to install by just about anyone.

Solution #1 > Safety is priority, the US and Canada require using code compliant in-wall rated power wire. Well known brand ROMEX®, NM-type wire most commonly used throughout the country, used by electricians to wire electrical switches and outlets and lights. Running the proper in-wall wire makes it possible to create the code compliant "in-wall extension" connection between the PowerIN and recessed PowerOUT wall plates.

Solution #2 > Innovation of the PowerIN male-plug wall plate, installs near existing power outlet, allows a power-cord to safely plug into an existing external power surge protection.

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