Corning field fiber termination kit has everything you need!

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The Corning® Unicam Pretium Tool Kit may be used to terminate both single-mode and multimode LC, SC and ST® Compatible Connectors. It virtually eliminates human variability in installation, ensuring consistent, reliable results. The go/no go LED provides unmistakable confirmation of a successful termination. The Pretium Cleaver uses dual-clamp precision and a diamond blade for a superior cleave. Total termination time is about 45 seconds per connector. A Sleek, well-organized carrying case enables easy, on-the-go field terminations.

  • Perfect fiber terminations in one minute
  • No Polishing, No Headaches!

    1. Durable Kit
    2. Detailed instructions and DVD
    3. Hook allows the kit to hang on the job site
    4. Hand-Held Termination Tool
    5. Hand-Held Fiber Cleaver
    6. Fiber Wipes
    7. Fiber Cleaner
    8. Marking Pen
    9. Crimp Tool
    10. Kevlar Scissors
    11. T-stripper
    12. Buffer Stripper

    Corning Field Fiber Termination Kit

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