by Ralph Parrett
Liberty AV Solutions' Director of Quality & Technical Services

Liberty will never be the cheapest product on the market. Why is this? It is about commitment. Commitment to quality, commitment to service, and commitment to our customers. There is a line we don't cross with the products we offer. Our products are compliant. They are compliant to the appropriate standards, compliant to the required performance, and compliant to required regulations.

Our market is under attack by a flood of non-compliant products. UTP cable with Copper Clad Aluminum conductors or undersized conductors, RG6 with fraudulent UL E numbers and tin plated magnesium braid shields, HDMI cables that never passed testing.

These products all have something in common and that is cheap cost. Those suppliers and manufacturers bypassed the requirements, ignored them, and in some cases - put people's lives at risk to make a profit. The cabling and connectors is only 5-10% of the project spend but it seems it is the area where everyone tries to save a buck or pinch the pennies by looking for this cheap product.

Why would our customers gamble with the lowest common denominator product for their installations? Service calls for defective or underperforming interconnections can wipe the profit margin for the whole install. We should all understand that better cabling to our customers, and to their customer, adds value to their installs. And, the end user won't have to retrofit later, in many cases the only upgrade they'll need to do is to the electronics, the cable will already be prepared.

Would you put retread tires on a Ferrari? No you wouldn't. So why put the cheapest cable and connectors you can find on a 3D deep color 7.1 surround sound installation?