by Ralph Parrett
Liberty Director of Quality & Technical Services

Video signals in the A/V world are primarily transmitted via 75 Ohm coaxial cables. Liberty has a huge variety of 75 Ohm coaxial cables from RG11 sized cables to 32 AWG micro coaxial cables for Satellite, Cable TV, SMPTE SDI, and every baseband video signal known to our industry. But did you know Liberty has 50 Ohm coaxial cables for Wireless systems? We have a full gamut of mating connectors and tooling. BNC's, TNC's, N, SMA's – you name it and we support it. Typically in our industry three wireless sizes are most commonly used:

    RF195 which is also called RG58. This is a medium to small sized 50 Ohm cable used for antenna pigtails and short extensions on antennas. Wireless inventory control systems, wireless microphones, cell phone repeater systems in buildings and short two-way antenna cabling are some popular uses of this cable. Liberty has standardized two offerings for this line. RG58-CMR-BLK and RG58-CMP-WHT are our popular offerings for this size. Our product is a true low loss cable with a 19 AWG Solid conductor and dual foil and tinned copper braid shields. This product is a fast moving item with sales up over 75% year over year.

    RF240 which is also called RG8X. This is a medium sized 50 Ohm cable that has common applications with Wireless Microphones. This product is approximately the same size as an RG6 dual shield cable. We're exploring our options with this cable line. Let us know if you a have need for this cable because we'd love to add it to the stable.

    RF400 which is also called RG8. This is a larger cable approximately the same size as RG11. This is easily the most popular cable for low loss antenna extension. Ham radio operators swear by this cable. Used as a lower loss product for antenna pigtails, antenna extension, two-way RF communications, Microwave communications, and cell phone repeaters. This item supports so many technologies. RG8-CMR-BLK and RG8-CMP-WHT are our offerings for this size. Our product is a true low loss product with 10 AWG conductors, dual foil and tinned copper braid shields. We designed our CMR product with UV stabilized PVC to ensure sunlight resistance for outdoor use. This is a relatively new product for us. We've had so many inquiries for this product that we decided to stock the product in support of our customers. We have the connectors and tools in stock and support our RG8 products with a full line.

Need Custom manufactured RF Cables assemblies? We can manufacture any length you need with any connector you want in the three designs above. Reverse Polarity connectors? No problem!