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2X1 Soft Codec / Huddle Room Auto Switcher with HDMI, USB-C inputs, USB3.0 Hub Built In DL-SCU21C
  • 1 HDMI input, 1 USB-C input and 1 HDMI output
  • 4K/60, 2x1 auto-switcher with HDMI2.0 and USB-C inputs
  • USB Peripherals such as microphone and camera can be connected by type-A USB (USB 3.0/2.0) ports and automatically switched along with HDMI and USB-C input as USB DEVICES for corresponding HOST.
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BYOD Connection Hub - 6 input to HDMI under table mountable Auto-switcher / Scaler BYOD-HUB-UT
  • 6 Popular BYOD input types
  • All inputs scaled to 1080P or 4K and converted to HDMI
  • Auto switching
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Digitalinx 6X1 under table BYOD auto-switcher / scaler kitted with HDBaseT Extender set and HDMI cables BYOD-HUB-HDBTKIT
  • This kit includes BYOD-HUB-UT, DL-HD70LSIR, M2-HDSEM-M-02F, & M2-HDSEM-M-04F
  • Integrated with the following connection leads
  • Apple Lightning, HDMI (Type A), HDMI mini (Type-D)
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Two Piece 4x1 Conference Room Auto Switcher and Extender Kit with Easy Automation Features DL-SE3H1V-C
  • Easy to use local collaboration switching/extension/display control system
  • 2 HDMI & 1 VGA with audio inputs on TX plus 1 HDMI input on RX
  • HDMI input on RX offers connectivity for remote devices such as wireless BYOD gateways
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6x1 Presentation Auto Switcher Features HDMI, DP, VGA, & USB-C Inputs DL-AS61U-H2
  • HDMI 2.0 compliant 6x1 auto switcher with (3) HDMI, (1) USB-C, (1) VGA w/ audio, and (1) display port input and (1) HDMI output
  • USB-C input supports Display Port over Alternate Mode (ALT-DP) for video
  • Digital Toslink and analog 5 pin phoenix de-embedded output
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5x1 Auto Switching Presentation Switcher with HDBaseT Output INT-HD52
  • 3 HDMI, 1 DP w/audio, 1 VGA w/audio input
  • HDBaseT with PoE and a mirrored HDMI output
  • Integrated scaling up to 1900X1200
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4x1 18G HDMI 2.0 Auto-switcher DL-S41-H2
  • Auto-switch or manual switch between four HDMI inputs
  • 1) HDMI and 1) 3.5mm TRS audio (ARC & audio de-embedding) output
  • Front panel, IR and RS232 control
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DL-AS21C - 2x1 HDMI and VGA Auto-Switcher
2x1 HDMI and VGA Auto-Switcher DL-AS21C
  • HDMI supports 1080p, 3D and 4K video and 2.0/5.1 audio
  • VGA supports up to 1920x1200 with audio embedding
  • Built-in EDID settings and EDID pass-through
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DL-AS31-1H1DP1V - 3X1 Auto Switcher with HDMI, Display Port and VGA Inputs
3X1 Auto Switcher with HDMI, Display Port and VGA Inputs DL-AS31-1H1DP1V
  • 1 HDMI, 1 DisplayPort, & 1 VGA input
  • 1 HDMI and stereo audio output
  • HDMI and DP support 1080p and 4K video with stereo audio

3x1 Auto-Switcher with 2 HDMI and 1 DisplayPort Input DL-AS31-2H1DP
  • 2 HDMI & 1 DisplayPort inputs
  • 1 HDMI and stereo audio output
  • HDMI and DP support 1080p and 4K video with stereo audio
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3x1 Auto Switcher with 2 HDMI and 1 VGA w/audio Input DL-AS31-2H1V
  • 2 HDMI and 1 VGA with audio input
  • 1 HDMI and stereo audio output
  • Built‐in audio de‐embedding 
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HDMI & USB 2.0 Distribution and Control System DL-RMKTC2H
  • Includes wallplate transmitter, wallplate control panel
  • Wallplate transmitter features:
    • Two HDMI inputs with automatic or manual switching modes
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3x1 HDMI Auto Switcher DL-A31
  • 3 HDMI input by 1 HDMI output
  • HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2, and DVI 1.0 compliant
  • Supports resolutions up to 4k/60Hz, 4:2:0, 8 bit deep color
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