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22-2C-ST-HT-RAN - HomeTrax Economy 22 AWG 2 Stranded Conductor Security Cable

Product Overview

Features and Benefits

  • HomeTrax economy construction security cable
  • 7-strand annealed bare copper conductors
  • Semi-rigid PVC insulation
  • Parallel lay, unshielded
  • Flame rated PVC jacket
  • NEC CMG, CEC CMG FT4, RoHS compliant
  • 1000 foot nested pull boxes


  • Security contact closure, signaling
  • Class 2 and class 3 low voltage power
  • Instrumentation and control

22-2C-ST-HT-RAN Summary

22-2C-ST-HT-RAN Diagrams

22-2C-ST-HT-RAN is comparable to:

Manufacturer Part Number
Belden 5500UG

Alternates that meet or exceed 22-2C-ST-HT-RAN specifications

No equivalent alternates available for 22-2C-ST-HT-RAN


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PDF Spec Sheet

Product Line:   22-2C-ST-HT
Description 2 conductor 22 AWG stranded, non-twisted, and unshielded cable NEC type CMG and CEC type CMG FT4. Product manufactured compliant to the requirements of UL444 for installations and applications in accordance with NEC articles 725 and 800.
Conductor 22 AWG
7-strand annealed bare copper conductors
Diameter: 0.030" | 0.76mm
Electrical DC resistance: 15.3 Ω / 1000’ | 50.2 Ω/KM
Mutual capacitance: 20.0 pF/FT | 65.6 pF/M
Impedance: 85 Ω
Velocity of Propagation: 67%
Voltage rating: 300V
Maximum current: 2.8A@25°C
Insulation Foam polypropylene
Wall thickness: 0.006" | 0.15mm
Diameter: 0.041" | 1.04mm
Regulatory NEC: CMG 75°C
EU RoHS-2 2011/65/EU Compliant
Color Code Black, Red
Packages Nested Box: 1000’ | 305M
Weight: 17 Lbs/1000’ | 26 Kg/KM
Assembly 2 conductors in parallel
Installation Pull Tension: 11 Lbs | 49 N
Bend radius: 1.10" | 28mm unloaded
Bend radius: 2.20" | 56mm loaded
Construct N/A
Applications General purpose security and low voltage power
General purpose Class 2 and 3 power
Shield N/A
Performance N/A
Jacket Pressure extruded polyvinyl chloride
Colors: White, Gray
Wall thickness: 0.014" | 0.36mm
Diameter: 0.110" | 2.79mm
Final Outside Diameter (inches) 0.11

22-2C-ST-HT-RAN Firmware

22-2C-ST-HT-RAN Software

22-2C-ST-HT-RAN Pre-made Drivers

Disclaimer: Liberty AV assumes no responsibility or liability for pre-built control system drivers. The driver may or may not work for all projects, in situations where the driver is not suitable for the switching architecture, the driver cannot be adjusted for customized usage by Liberty. If you would like to contract services for customized control for a project please contact your sales representative.