A-VGAM-5BNCM-1 - *****INACTIVE*****

1' *****INACTIVE*****

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A-VGAM-5BNCM-1 - *****INACTIVE*****

Product Overview

75 OHM 450 MHz Bandwidth Multi-Coaxial RGB PVC CMR
Interconnect cable
Non ID/DDC compatible VGA plug cable to 5 BNC plug cable,
this is not plug and play
compatible. 1 Feet
Black in color.

A-VGAM-5BNCM-1 Summary

A-VGAM-5BNCM-1 Diagrams

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Alternates that meet or exceed A-VGAM-5BNCM-1 specifications

Part Number Description
E-VGAM-5BNCM-1Liberty Premium Molded VGA male to 5 BNC male cable


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A-VGAM-5BNCM-1 Software

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