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Product Overview

Intelix Brand Composite Video & Analog Stereo Audio Balun

Features and Benefits

  • Two female RCA and one female BNC to one RJ45 connectivity
  • Transmits/receives one composite video signal and one
    analog stereo audio signal
  • This is one unit, two units needed to complete the circuit
  • Up to 2,200 feet cable lengths on U/UTP category 5/5e/6
  • High fidelity audio 20Hz to 20 kHz
  • Video bandwidth: DC to 8 MHz

  • Applications

  • Ideal for corporate facilities, churches, schools,
    auditoriums and almost any other situation involving
    composite video and audio signal distribution
  • Long distance routing of composite video and high quality
    stereo audio
  • Used in pairs, these baluns replace bulky coax cable and
    utilize a building's existing structured cabling network
    Contains two (2) units.
  • AVO-V1A2-PAC-F Summary

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    Part Number Description
    AVO-V1A2-FComposite Video & Analog Stereo Audio Balun


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