F-VGAM-M-75 - *****INACTIVE*****

75' *****INACTIVE*****

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F-VGAM-M-75 - *****INACTIVE*****

Product Overview

Liberty Manufactured Pre-Made Cable Assemblies

Features and Benefits

  • DE15 Male (VGA) to DE15 Male (VGA) Connectivity
  • Silver Solder and Full RF Copper Foil EMI Shielding
  • Full 15 Pin EDID and ID/DDC Plug and Play Compliance
  • 26 AWG 200 MHz Bandwidth Mini-High Resolution Coaxials
  • 22 AWG ID-BIT, DC Power, and Ground test cabling
  • Flexible PVC Alloy Jacketing
  • Metal Hoods with Thumbscrews
  • NEC CM/CL2, CEC CMG FT4, RoHS Compliant

  • Applications

  • Non-Plenum RGBHV Plug and Play Video cabling runs
  • Non-Plenum Projector cabling, Boardroom RGBHV cabling
  • F-VGAM-M-75 Summary

    F-VGAM-M-75 Diagrams

    F-VGAM-M-75 is comparable to:

    Manufacturer Part Number
    Extron 26-238-05

    Alternates that meet or exceed F-VGAM-M-75 specifications

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    F-VGAM-M-75 Firmware

    F-VGAM-M-75 Software

    F-VGAM-M-75 Pre-made Drivers