Z500NCV1THX - *****INACTIVE*****

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Z500NCV1THX - *****INACTIVE*****

Product Overview

Liberty's Ultimate THX(TM) CERTIFIED Component Video
features Ohno-Continuous Cast Copper
conductors (OCC). Each copper strand is a single continuous
99.99997% pure crystal. This product features true precison
video coaxial construction. A high strand 23 AWG center
conductor, Foam Polyethylene dielectric insulation, and a
dual 100% Copper Foil and 95% coverage OCC Copper Braid
shield make this 75-Ohm cable excellent for analog Video
applications. The use of Silver Solder for the center
conductor and Crimp Ferrule Shield termination make this RCA
termination 75-Ohm. This product features a Polypro silk
mesh overall jacket for an attractive and functional
covering to the product. This is a three legged product and
is available in retail packaging in 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 3, and 4
meter lengths with Green, Blue, and Red glossy White RCA

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