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California Proposition 65

Product Overview

Features and Benefits

  • Wirelessly distribute HDMI up to 100 feet
  • IR control of source
  • Signals can go through standard sheet rock walls
  • Addressable transmitters
  • Up to 4 receivers per transmitter
  • Less than 1 frame latency (17 milliseconds)
  • HDCP 2.0 compliant, dynamic EDID passthrough, multichannel audio support


  • Only licensed for North America use.
  • Ideal for residential,commercial, corporate A/V, education, digital signage, hospitality, and house of worship
  • Send HDMI signal from a source to a destination device without a wired connection
  • Wireless HDMI distribution amplifier - up to 4 destinations

This Item Includes:
1 Liberty Micro High Speed HDMI with Ethernet cable (E-MHDM-M-01)


The Intelix SKYPLAY-MX improves upon the existing wireless HDMI by ensuring source to destination compatibility with full HDCP-compliance. The SKYPLAY-MX wireless distribution is designed specifically for professional grade audio-visual installations.

The SKYPLAY-MX distributes HDMI high-definition audio and video up to 100 feet in both point-to-point point-to-many, and many-to-point configurations. Each transmitter is compatible with up to 4 receivers and each receiver can be paired to switch up to 4 transmitters.

Amimon Pro transmission and AES 128-bit encrypted processing ensure the integrity of digital signals and real-time processing (less than one frame), whether transmitting in open spaces or through light construction, such as framed drywall walls.


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Alternatives for SKYPLAY-MX-S

Part Number Description
SKYPLAY-DFS-SWireless HDMI Transmitter with DFS

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Supporting Documents


PDF Spec Sheet

Product Line:   SKYPLAY-MX-S
I/O Connections
HDMI InputOne (1) HDMI Type A Receptacle Connector
IR RepeaterOne (1) 2.5mm (3/16”) TS Male Connector
5V DC Power (Both)One (1) 5.5mm Outside Diameter, 2.1mm Inside Diameter Barrel
Supported Audio and Video
Video Resolutions480i, 480p, 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p and VESA up to 1920X1080
Color Depth30-bit
AudioPCM 2.0, DTS and Dolby Digital
Signal Characteristics
Wireless Transmission TechnologyAmimon Pro
Standard ProtocolHDMI 1.3
Signal Bandwidth40MHz
Transmission Rate3 / 4.47 Gbps (depending on resolution)
Operating Frequency5 GHz Unlicensed Band (U-NII-1 & U-NII-3)
TMDS0.5 – 1.5 volts p-p
DDC5 volts p-p
System Latency<1ms
IR Frequency38KHz
Chassis and Environmental
MaterialBlack Plastic
Dimensions148mm x 97mm x 18mm (5.83 in. x 3.82 in. x 0.71 in.)
Shipping Weight0.91 kg (2 lbs.)
Operating Temperature-10° to +40° C (+14° to +104° F)
Operating Humidity15% to 85%, Non-condensing
Storage Temperature-20° to +80° C (-4° to +176° F)
Storage Humidity15% to 85%, Non-condensing
Power, ESD, and Regulatory
Power Supply5VDC 2A
Power Consumption8 watts
ESD Protection15kV
RegulatoryFCC, CE, RoHS
Warranty2 years
Diagnostic IndicatorsNetwork status and Video indicator LEDs
Included Accessories – SKYPLAY-MX-SInstallation Guide, Desktop Stand, IR Emitter, Power Supply and HDMI cable.
Distances and picture quality may be affected by cable grade, cable quality, source and destination equipment, RF and electrical interference, and cable patches. Intelix specifications are based on straight-through cabling with standard-grade Cat 5e unless noted otherwise.



SKYPLAY-MX-S Pre-made Drivers

Disclaimer: Liberty AV assumes no responsibility or liability for pre-built control system drivers. The driver may or may not work for all projects, in situations where the driver is not suitable for the switching architecture, the driver cannot be adjusted for customized usage by Liberty. If you would like to contract services for customized control for a project please contact your sales representative.