Stronger, Safer and Faster than standard fiber optic cable!

SSF Fiber from Cleerline Technology

Liberty's SSF fiber redefines how optical cables can be installed and terminated. SSF fiber optics incorporate a patented polymeric coating that surrounds the glass fiber. SSF fibers are stronger, safer and allow for faster terminations compared to all other glass fibers.

SSF fiber is compatible with all common connector systems for standard 50/125 multimode and 9/125 single mode fibers and are available in today's most common cabling configurations for optical cables.

SSF fiber optic cabling eliminates many of the processes involved in the termination of fiber optic cable while adding strength and safety that is unmatched by any other optical fiber. SSF's coated fiber provides protection for bend longevity assured for 10,000 x's longer life times and superior mechanical strength compared to all other commercially available glass fibers. This allows the installer to quickly terminate mechanical splice style connections and eliminates the imperfections or scarring of the glass caused by stripping when terminating either mechanical or epoxy style connectors. SSF supports all broadband applications.

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