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Neutrik has been the leading manufacturer of innovative electrical and electronic interconnection products and systems. Setting the standards for more than 40 years, Neutrik’s success has been foundationally built upon reliable performance, continuous innovation, brilliant inventions, and superior-quality audio, coaxial, power and circular connectors.

Since 1975


Ultra-HD Optimized

4K 8K

A good connection can make or break performance. Neutrik’s products have been tested to outperform competing connectors to ensure the highest level of performance.

With the transition to 4K or even 8K-signals the impedance of BNC connectors became more important than ever.  Every deviate impedance has a negative influence on return and VWR (Voltage standing Wave Radio). Especially on high data rates up to 24 Gb/s, as they occur when transmitting ultra-high definition (UHD) signals, an impedance mismatch results in high return loss.

Neutrik Return Loss Data


Neutrik’s rearTWIST® UHD BNC achieves increased headroom compared to common connectors from US or French manufacturers and offers additional return loss reserve for potential impedance deviations resulting from cable bending, incorrect connector assembly or faulty connection interfaces.  The patented rearTWIST® boot guarantees easy access even in high density applications and offers color coding..

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Unreliable connections can wreak havoc at the most inopportune times. Every product Neutrik produces, fulfills the highest functional and reliability connectivity requirements. Neutrik’s production and processes have solidified their position and relationships for years to come, remaining the trusted and reliable partner of industry professionals in Broadcast, AV, Datacomm, eSports and others. Through the use of state-of-the-art materials, proven production processes, and quality control testing, Neutrik guarantees the quality and performance of every product produced.



Wesco Assembly, home to PanelCrafters, designs and manufactures custom wall plates and panels for a wide range of markets. PanelCrafters uses top of the line connectors in all their designs, which includes the full offering of products from Neutrik. The end result? Each product is produced to the exact specifications your project requires, with the best industry known connectors from Neutrik that results in a product you can trust will last and function to the highest standards and quality.