So much is new, where do we start? The entire WebBlox application has been rebuilt. We've tried to keep things similar so longtime users don't have to learn things all over again.

We've done our best to work in our most frequent requests. Things like proofing multiple plates at once, incorporating approvals with proofs, etc. We've got more planned, so watch for new additions to be rolling out soon.

This login page supports legacy "WebBlox-only" user accounts as well as newer Liberty user accounts. WebBlox-only user accounts provide access to WebBlox to design plates, but will not show pricing or log you into the rest of the web site. Liberty user accounts provide dealer access to the entire site, including WebBlox.

If you are a Liberty dealer using a legacy user account, please register for a Liberty ecommerce account. That will provide access to both WebBlox and the entire Liberty site. We will link the new user account so you still have access to all of your previous parts.

If you have any problems, please raise an issue here or using the "WebBlox Problems?" bottom on the right of the screen within WebBlox.