High-Performance, Pre-Configured, eLearning Solutions

Implementing a quality eLearning program that works for teachers, students, and their parents is critical for organizations are seeking reliable, easily deployable and scalable technology solutions.

With Connected Classroom pre-bundled solutions, any education environment can implement this easy to deploy solution that is pre-configured and pre-bundled to work seamlessly, designed with setup support instructions and 3rd party technical support. The result? Elimination of strain on all users, as well as increased focus and productivity.

Standardized and scalable, pre-configured, and pre-packaged, ready to distribute to workforce.

Streamline deployment to simplify technical support.

Live, face-to-face support. 1-year warranty with 48-hour advanced replacement. Extendable terms.

Live, face-to-face support. 1-year warranty with 48-hour advanced replacement. Extendable terms.

Standardized, Simplified, Scalable, and Supported:

More Details on Connected Classroom

Simple Setup Arrives in one package, ready to distribute or setup.

Quality components: Technology from trusted, industry-leading brands.

System Standardization: Streamline deployment. All users receive the same products, eliminating equipment guesswork for IT / tech support.

Scalable: From ten to ten-thousand, Connected Classroom kits can be deployed across an entire organization.

Startup Solution: New school year with new students or teachers? No problem. Classroom Connected will get them started on the right foot with everything needed for startup in one package and with the peace of mind that they are working on the same quality equipment as the rest of their peers or co-workers.

Live Support: Instant face-to-face video setup assistance.

1-Year Warranty: with 48-hour advanced replacement.

Service Terms: Extendable and customizable, powered by Teleportivity

Multiple Pre-Configured Solutions

Choose from a variety of pre-configured, pre-bundled solutions or customize:

High Quality Sound:

Audio On The Go: WFHAUDIO1.1

Crystal clear audio for laptop or phone. Hear and be heard, regardless of location with noise and echo cancellation.  


Premium Sound & Video:

Audio & Video On the Go: WFHAV1.1

Look and sound the best on every call. Upgrade the video conferencing experience with adaptable noise & echo cancellation, plus 4K video.


Complete Workstation:

Audio & Video with Docking: WFHDESK1.1

Turn any laptop into a quality workstation. Easily connect to the provided monitor, camera, keyboard, and audio with a single USB-C cable. 


Enhanced Display:

Audio & Video Docking Setup with Curved Display: WFHDESK2.1

Transform your laptop into a workstation that looks and sounds amazing. Enhanced audio and video experience with a 34" NEC curved ultra wide monitor and Bose Professional headset. 



Executive Remote Conferencing with BYOD: WFHROOM1.1

Perfect for work or in-home office. BYOD capability for presenting with ease. Wirelessly connect any personal device or laptop to a 55 inch NEC 4K display and Bose Professional Video Conferencing Sound Bar.   


Customization Available

Fully customizable bundles, designed with the right components and right amount of support for the job are available. Contact your Liberty AV representative for more information. 


From desk to home and around the globe,

work seamlessly with CONNECTED CLASSROOM solutions.

Each Connected Classroom bundle is designed around compatibility and simple setup. All necessary hardware requirements are included in one convenient package. Included, 3rd party support feature provides unparalleled customer support while alleviating unnecessary tech support calls, saving time for the end user while eliminating strain on in-house IT resources.