Teleportivity is perfect for:

Light Staffing

Remote Staffing

Social Distancing

Risk Management

We use video to collaborate. Now, let’s use it to deploy.

Navigate today’s rapidly changing business environment to fulfill jobs by staff remotely

Teleportivity provides an effective answer to your Business Continuity Plan, allowing any organization to scale human staff across physical sites remotely, using the latest in video and information deployment technology.

For You, and For Your Customers

Teleportivity is a part of your business continuity solution and the answer to all your remote support needs. It’s also a distributable solution for end users as they navigate today’s rapidly changing business environment that will develop into our new normal going forward.

Teleportivity is being deployed in:

  • Medical
  • Corporate
  • Education
  • Government

Front Desk Concierge,
Meet Welcome Space™

Meet, greet, and guide as if you were physically there. Learn More

Information Area,
Meet Info Space™

Anywhere info is needed...Info Space™
is there to save you with a scan. Learn More

Or, Turn any
Info Space™ into
a Support Space™

Support so great,it's like they're
right there with you. Learn More

Teleportivity is designed to work in the areas where help, support, or information is needed:


Individual Devices

Meeting / Conference Rooms

Information Kiosks


Equipment Racks

Anywhere You Need Support

Whether supporting internal or external customers, from office to front desk or across the globe, business will continue to run smoothly.

Teleportivity is designed for every type of support, including:

  • Person to person concierge support, perfect for a front desk or greeting point.
  • Remote customer assistance and system troubleshooting.
  • Unmanned, self guided support wherever information or help is needed.

From one station, to front desk, to any location you need information and support.