No App Required. Visitor Management. Visitor Access Records
Welcome Screen

Simple registration for your visitors

No app required. Visitors simply scan the QR code, fill out a form, take a photo and receive a digital entrance ID. So simple and easy.

SMS notification system

Your visitor receives an SMS message with a Digital ID Badge. The Host is also SMS notified that the visitor has arrived, and has visibility of their ID for verification.

SMS Notifications
QR Video Concierge Bell = Video/Voice/Text. No hardware. Nothing to Install.
Just a QR Code. Provide your visitors with add-on features: Check-in process, Maps, Deliverty Instructions, Forms, Videos, PDF Documents, Web-apps, and so much more...
Admin Platform

Admin platform for visitor management

All activity is registered in the visitor management / contact record admin platform. View visitor information and create new entrance ID's.

Admin control panel

Add new staff, manage destinations, generate your QR Code and Web Link with the click of a button.

SMS Notifications