Front Desk Concierge,
Meet Welcome Space™

Meet, greet, and guide as if you were physically there.

  • Perfect for when staffing is light or when direct, person-to-person support is not available or practical.
  • Teleportivity lets you scale and deploy staff where required, from across the building or across the globe utilizing interactive video deployment technology.
  • Expertly handle high control high traffic locations while maintaining a constant, seamless customer experience.

Light Staffing

Remote Staffing

Social Distancing

Risk Management

But what about security? Guests are required sign in and verified before entry

Absolutely – Teleportivity is fully customizeable to meet your security needs as well. In fact, an ID can be scanned and guests can sign in with their own personal device.


The Welcome Space Support Personnel can place a QR Code on the screen for a guest to scan…

The guest follows prompts to scan their drivers license and sign their name to a digital sign in log, all from their personal device.

Once confirmed, the Welcome Space concierge can even show them on their way, once again using the guests personal device.

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