Niveo Professional is a range of high quality computer AV networking products, designed in Europe.

Backed by over 15 years of industry experience, all products are conceived, designed and perfected by a dedicated team of industry professionals in Europe.

The Philosophy of Niveo Professional:

Niche products for a niche markets: Niveo Professional is not a "One size fits all" IT product vendor that is sold in the corner shop. The Niveo Professional portfolio is specifically designed for the Custom Install market and build with such standards and components to enable optimal enjoyment of your high quality AV products. Niveo Professional builds on experience direct from the custom installers.

End-to-end channel strategy: Niveo Professional works with long term selected channel partners to maintain the highest standards towards the end user.

High quality products: The Niveo Professional product portfolio is manufactured with the highest quality standards to assure long lasting performance.

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