DigitaLinx HDMI Adapter Rings
US Patent No. 9,784,338

Make Liberty's Patented (US Pat. No. 9,784,338) breakthrough DL-AR adapter key ring part of every BYOD install and feel the love from your customers!

Every adapter ring starts with our tensile aircraft strength ring & clamp. This locks on the HDMI cable going to your display keeping all the mobile device adapters you need at your fingertips.

Adapters are available as standard adapters or pigtail versions. Select the adapters you need below and click "Search" to find the part number to order. You can even personalize your adapter ring with a custom tag showing your logo and info (Must be logged in).

Select the desired adapters below and click "Search"

Micro HDMI "D" Male to HDMI Female 6" Adapter Cable Adapter
Mini HDMI "C" Male to HDMI Female 6" Adapter Cable Adapter
4K Mini DisplayPort Male to HDMI Female 6" Adapter Cable Adapter
4K DisplayPort Male to HDMI Female 6" Adapter Cable Adapter
Mini DisplayPort Male to HDMI Female 6" Adapter Cable Adapter
DisplayPort Male to HDMI Female 6" Adapter Cable Adapter
Apple® Lightning Male to HDMI Female 4" Adapter Cable
Apple® 30 Pin Male to HDMI Female Discontinued by Apple
No longer available
Apple® USB-C Male to USB-A, USB-C, HDMI Female 4" Adapter Cable
DVI-D Male to HDMI Female 6" Adapter Cable Adapter
Slimport Male to HDMI Female
View compatible devices
9" Adapter Cable
MHL Compatible Male to HDMI Female*
View compatible devices
*Phased out - Act now before it's gone!
9" Adapter Cable
USB "C" Male to HDMI Female 9" Adapter Cable Adapter
VGA Male + USB "A" Male to HDMI Female 5" Adapter Cable
Add-on Adapter Clamp
Use this to attach your own adapter cables (3 to 5.5mm in diameter)
(Already included with Apple Adapters when selected above)
Adapter Cable Clamp
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  • Total image area dimensions with Bleed: 500px x 300px (colors extend beyond border for cutting)
  • Trim Size: 414px x 248px (35mm x 21mm w/ 2mm radius corners @ 300ppi)*
    *Keep important graphics and text well inside the 414px x 248px trim boundry to ensure they don't get cut off

Need Help? Follow the instructions below...
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  • Double-click text to edit content after adding
  • Click Image button to upload from your computer

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