For over six decades, PPC's professional broadband, telecom, and satellite products have delivered signal behind the walls of over 100 million homes. Today, the quality/bandwidth demands of HD home theatre drive a new consumer quest for professional-grade connections from the wall to the system. Recognizing that desire, PPC® created the Perfect Path™ line of in-home cable and connections, finally completing a Perfect entertainment signal from its cable/satellite inception to the back of the HDTV.

Cable systems and satellite networks worldwide insist on PPC's award-winning connectors and cables. With Perfect Path, you can enjoy the same professional-grade cable/connector solutions, perfect for any home installation. Perfect Path delivers home theatre connection simplicity, bulletproof reliability, and performance with a matchless pedigree. Easily surmounting the challenges of expanding HDMI functionality and increasingly bandwidth-hungry home entertainment, Perfect Path simply delivers the best home theater experience possible.