Liberty is your resource for technical instruction and installation questions.

Below is a series of White Papers and reference documents which are full of information on some of our most popular support topics.

Liberty Extender Matrix A comparison of HDMI extender features designed to help you choose the right extender for your application

Category cables and their non-category applications An overview of the many applications category cable is now utilized for.

Category Cable Myths and Legends An explanation of the marketing and differentiation of good category cable from bad.

Do it yourself field termination HDMI best practices and hints?

NEC Cable Substitution Chart This is permissable substitutions of cable per the National Electric Code.

75-Ohm Coaxial Transmission Chart How far common signals go on Liberty cables.

Cable MSDS Requirements Cable does not require an MSDS sheet, this explains why.

Pin Outs for VGA and S-Video Helpful pin outs for RGBHV, ID/DDC VGA, S-Video connectors

Cable Color Code Tables Industry standard conductor insulation color codes.

Wire Stranding Specification Chart Engineering level wire strand count conductor specifications.

HDMI Feeds and Speeds General HDMI information and performance.

Cold Pull A technical bulletin regarding plenum rated cables and cold weather pull issues.

Lighting Cable Voltages, 300V or 600V? A technical bulletin addressing the confusion around lighting cable voltage ratings.

Liberty Wire Schedule