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California Proposition 65
FAP40T - 4", 16 Watt Strategy II Speaker System

Product Overview

Features and Benefits

  • Strategy II 4" ceiling speaker system
  • Includes speaker, back box, grill and tile bridge
  • Press-fit grille blends into contemporary architecture
  • Speaker type: 4" Single Cone
  • Transformer type: 70.7V / 100V - 8 Watt
  • Power Taps-1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 8 ohm bypass
  • Sensitivity: 87db average
  • Frequency Response 100Hz-12kHz (-/+3DB)
  • Dispersion:130 degrees
  • UL Certified, UL1480


  • Commercial audio systems and solutions
  • Use for background music (BGM) and paging systems

FAP40T Summary

Designed to provide high performance in a very compact footprint, the FAP40T appeals to both system designers and architects. FAP40T is ideal for high-intelligibility voice, music, and signal reproduction in commercial, industrial, and institutional applications. A unique (patent pending) tap selector switch design allows for easy system tuning. Low frequency response is enhanced by the tuned and ported enclosure design. The enclosure (UL1480 pending) is constructed of high impact injection molded plastic and includes a press fit grill design that blends quite well with contemporary architecture. A two pole terminal strip housed below a metal removable cover on the back of the FAP40T enclosure allows for easy system wiring as well as "daisy chain" wiring to other FAP40T's

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PDF Spec Sheet

FAP40T Firmware

FAP40T Software

FAP40T Pre-made Drivers

Disclaimer: Liberty AV assumes no responsibility or liability for pre-built control system drivers. The driver may or may not work for all projects, in situations where the driver is not suitable for the switching architecture, the driver cannot be adjusted for customized usage by Liberty. If you would like to contract services for customized control for a project please contact your sales representative.

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