Liberty Inventory Services (LIS)

Liberty’s Inventory Services (LIS) is an on-site consigned inventory management program for all your offices, providing the products that are key to YOURoperation!

We manage this through a web portal with minimum and maximum sku's, this ensures that you never run out of stock of any of your day-today installation materials. This service will help reduce procurement and carrying cost associated with your inventory while increasing operational efficiency and increasing productivity.

What's the Benefit?

  • Reduced Procurement Costs and Increased Revenue
    It's like having a bigger workforce for free!
  • Easy Scan & Checkout
    Pay only when you consume the materials.
  • Zero Cost
    No start-up costs or maintenance fees.
  • Possible Savings
    Tens of thousands of dollars
  • Join the Crowd!
    Some of the best companies in the Pro A/V industry use LIS - you should too!

The Program

  • Pay only when you consume the materials
  • On-site consigned inventory management program forday-to-day installation materials. Inventory is actuallyon site, not "virtual" at some unknown vendor warehouse.
  • Dedicated LIS Service Coordinator and redundant back-up.
  • Live webinar demonstration available.
  • Open to the entire catalog of Liberty's products includingcustom cable, install kits, assemblies, connectors, racks,devices, fiber and more!
  • Initial launch package includes an estimated two months supply.
  • Automated monthly replenishment of inventory with FREEsurface freight. (Racks excluded)
  • Liberty provides on-site training synchronizedwith initial delivery.

The System

  • Based on a stand-alone web-portal based system that does notneed to directly tie in to dealer’s business enterprise system.
  • Does not constitute a security threat and is simple tomaintain and install.
  • Customizable to accommodate different varieties of businessmethods and systems.
  • Product is easily checked in and out with bar code scan gun.

Call Now to see how LIS can save you time & labor, PLUS add money to your bottom line!