A brand of Liberty AV Solutions since 2010, Intelix has been manufacturing award-winning technology for more than 20 years. Originally dedicated to the professional audio and live sound markets, Intelix has evolved into a leading provider of commercial install, custom install, digital signage, and video distribution technology.

In recent years their HDMI extenders, scalers and matrix switchers have won numerous awards, including CE Pro Best honors, SVI best commercial technology honors, and Custom Retailer Exc!te honors. Intelix continues to lead the industry with application driven solutions that excel both in performance and durability, and their innovative engineering team continues to deliver technology firsts. Design with Intelix and design with intelligence.

OEM Development & Manufacturing

Intelix's extensive experience and diverse capabilities allow for cutting-edge engineering and scalable manufacturing for both them and their clients.

Commercial Audio

Intelix's rich background in commercial audio set the stage for application-based product development and a deep understanding of serving the audio-visual professional, whether sales engineer, designer, installer or consultant.

Commercial Audio/Video

As the industry evolved, so did Intelix. Today they are one of the few suppliers that understands the function and integration of both audio and video, whether analog or digital.

Digital Media

An early adopter of digital standards, Intelix recognized the advantages and future of digital media. They were the first manufacturer to reliably bring HDMI into the commercial market, and their innovation continues with wireless and LANbased audio-visual technologies.

Residential Audio/Video

Intelix responded to customer requests and introduced the first professional-grade digital distribution solutions to the custom installation audience. Today they continue that innovation through robust product development and complete solutions.