Liberty AV Solutions offers a variety of Free Design Tool (described below) to make the task of designing custom plates and panels easy. Go from concept to completed design in a matter of minutes. There is no charge to use Liberty's design tools, but registration is required.



WebBlox is a graphical, web based design program that allows you to design your own custom plate and panel designs. You specify the plate size and color and add connectors and text as needed. WebBlox lets you save designs into your account for future use. For non-cad users, This all-in-one system does it all. Follow the link above and set up an account today. WebBlox provides quote-on-demand for approved users. Contact your sales representative today to have your account approved!
CADBlox is a block library for AutoCAD developed to aid in the design of custom plates and panels. The library contains all of our standard plate sizes and connectors. The easy drag and drop design method makes plate layout simple. A full or LT version of AutoCAD is required to use this library.
CADQuote is a companion application for experienced users of the CADBlox library. It allows CADBlox users to quote their panel designs from their desktop and save the parts into their account. Proofs are auto-generated, including material listings. Quotes can be easily generated combining any quantity of parts stored in your account. A full version of AutoCAD is required to run this application. Contact your sales representative today to sign up!


CADBlox V-Series is a design template system for use with Microsoft Visio®. It contains our standard plate sizes and connectors as pre-built Visio shapes. The connectors are separated by type into individual stencils that auto-load when you open the PanelCrafters template.