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But Connecting Doesn’t Have to Be Difficult.

Connect Easily in Today’s BYOD World

Now Offering Two Solutions to meet your needs

The BYOD Connectivity Hub (BYOD-HUB-UT) and the Classic Adapter Ring (HDMI Adapter Ring) are industry-leading, patented products that offer the most popular connectors available converting them to standard HDMI, making connection to your AV system simple, easy, and ready for any presenter.

HDMI Adapter Ring

Make your Huddle Space BYOD compatible, and easily connect with everyone that drops by!

Perfect For:

  • Conference Rooms - Sleek, Simple Design
  • Less Clutter: Easily Hides / Mounts Under a Conference Table
  • Easy Access: Direct plug in
  • Charging: Powered Connection
  • Simple to Use: Splash Screen Tells You it’s Working

The Patent Pending DigitaLinx BYOD-HUB-UT is a 6x1 multi-format auto switcher and video converter to connect mobile devices with the following inputs: DP, MiniDP, USB-C, Apple Lightning, HDMI, mini HDMI.

BYOD-HUB-UT Additional Features:

  • Under table mount included
  • 1.4m (4 1/2’) cables for under table mounting
  • Output resolution can be set and scaled to 4K or 1080P
  • Auto switching to last connected device
  • HDCP Compliant

Digital Adapter Ring (DL-ARD)

  • Includes three adapters: DisplayPort, Mini-DisplayPort, USB-C
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Digital Adapter Cable Ring (DL-ARDD)

  • Includes three adapters: DisplayPort, Mini-DisplayPort, USB-C on 5” cables
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Digital Adapter Cable Ring plus Apple-Certified Adapters (DL-ARDA)

  • Includes Apple Certified Adapters - Lightning and Thunderbolt 3 (USB-C)- plus DisplayPort, Mini-DisplayPort, USB-C on 5” cables
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Available in other configurations Q1 of 2020

Liberty’s new adapter ring gives you a flexible, new way to keep the latest technology 'in line’ with two different ways to tether your adapters.

Perfect For:

  • Easy Upgrading: Add New Adapters / Remove Old with ease
  • Mobile Applications: Easily Transportable When Needed
  • Custom Configuring: Order Based On Your Needs
Configure Yours Now!

The HDMI Adapter Ring is a Patented (US Pat. No. 9,784,338) customizable secure adaptor ring. Simply select which adaptors you want on your ring, attach it to the rooms HDMI cable, and have confidence your needed adaptors will be available for every presentation. Our tensile aircraft strength ring & clamp locks on the HDMI cable going to your display keeping any adapter you may need is at your fingertips.

DigitaLinx Adapter Rings Can Include These Adapters and More!:

1 Adapter Cable DisplayPort male to HDMI female 8 inches long (AR-DPM-HDF)
1 Adapter Cable Micro-HDMI "D" male to HDMI female 8 inches long (AR-MDHM-HDF)
1 Adapter Cable Mini-HDMI "C" male to HDMI female 8 inches long (AR-MCHM-HDF)
1 Adapter Cable Mini-DisplayPort male to HDMI female 6 inches long (AR-MDPM-HDF)
1 Apple Certified Adapter Lightning (M) to HDMI (F) and Lightning (F) to power device (MD826AM/A)
1 Apple Certified Adapter USB C to HDMI w/USB A Port (MJ1K2AM/A)
2 Security clamp to attach Apple Adapters to DL-AR system (DL-AP)
1 Base security clamp, cable and hardware for HDMI Adapter Ring system

BYOD Demands in Today’s Meeting Rooms

As new versions of phones, tablets and laptops hit the market faster than ever before, it’s obvious that technology is ever changing. Quick technological advancements aren’t without frustration. We’re all too familiar with the hair-pulling challenge of finding the right device adapter or learning that your six-month-old device is antiquated. Our business environments are no different. As can be expected, the situation often becomes dire when a presenter finds an HDMI cable with no way to connect their device to present. Don't leave your attendees hanging…

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