1080P AV Over IP Solution

  • Supports Resolutions up to 1080p 60Hz
  • Video wall up to 16X16 configurations are supported
  • GB PoE ports for LAN connectivity, can be powered locally or through PoE
  • Fully compatible with 3rd party control systems
  • HDMI connectivity for source/display I/O & CEC
  • RS-232 pass-through ports
  • Audio de-embedding ports on either side
  • Decoder equipped with an auto-scaler
  • Supports CBR / VBR support up to 30 Mbps
  • Settings to balance latency and image quality
  • Uses H.264 video codec

2100 Series Hardware

DigitaLinxIP IPEX2101 1080p Encoder

DigitaLinxIP IPEXCB Control Interface

DigitaLinxIP IPEX2102 1080p Decoder

DigitalinxIP IPEX2102MV Multiviewer Decoder

DigitaLinxIP iOS / PC Control / Preview App

Provides complete matrix or video wall control.

The iOS or PC control application was designed to allow users to have simple iPad or PC control for the DigitaLinxIP system. The iOS and PC Control and Preview APP allows for simple drag and drop source selection so you can route sources to displays easily. With CEC display control you can also power on and off the displays with the push of one button. Create and store presets in the APP so you can easily access preferable source / display settings.

DigitaLinxIP 2100 Series

The 2100 series is capable of transmitting video signal resolutions up to 1080p @ 60HZ, utilizes H.264 compression, and greatly expands the number of potential inputs and outputs in the AV system. Individual system decoders can scale the source content up to 1080p. Display control can be accomplished by an RS232 pass through port and the system supports CEC. With audio deembedding ports on both the encoder and decoder, audio amplification can be done on either end. The full-featured API allows easy integration with 3rd party control systems. The 2100 series also provides video wall support up to 16x16. When combined with the DigitaLinxIP Control software, you can preview video sources and use an intuitive drag and drop interaction to route sources to the displays easily.

Looking for 4K IP Video Solution? Check out the DigitaLinxIP 5000 Series

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