RJ45 Boot 6.0MM Green 25/Bag 100032GR-BG
  • Fits Category 6 U/UTP Cables up to 6.0mm in diameter
  • Protect the connector and release latch from damage
  • Prevent snagging and tangling of the cables
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Crimp MHR BNC/RCA Strain Relief Boots BMHR
  • Silicone MHR Connector strain relief
  • Fits 26 and 25 AWG MHR coaxial cable BNC and RCA plugs
  • BNC's: MHR-BNC, 112491-10, 112491-11, 112161-10

C-Tec2 Connector Marking Color Bands CM-R
  • Silicone Band matched to the C-Tec2 Connector line
  • 7 Colors to choose from
  • Fits all C-Tec2 Connectors of all sizes

Security Clamp to attach Apple Adapters to DL-AR System DL-AP
  • Cast Metal clamp fitted for Apple Dongles
  • Foam rubber spacer to protect the adapter
  • Connect Apple dongles to the DL-AR digital adapter ring
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Base Security Clamp, Cable and Hardware for DL-AR System DL-CL
  • This is the bare clamp and wire without any adapters
  • Faux ferrite clamp, 4 sets Torx T10 screws and nuts
  • Two sizes of foam rubber spacers, cable locking ring
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Rear Protection Cover for D-Sized Receptacles SCDR
  • Rear Protection Cover for D-Sized Receptacles
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ADC Brand Broadcast Connectors V4V-STM
  • Patented design for a 75Ohm interface in the patched state
  • Uncompressed HDTV signals (2.485 Gbits/s)
  • Gastight crimp design 100% solderless construction
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