Prepare for the future of AV - Three 18G 4K HDR Extenders

IT’S COMING: Are you Ready?

The Demand for Higher Bandwidth Extension, Resolutions, & HDR for Longer Distances is Growing...

FRET NOT - Liberty AV has prepared not one, but an entire family of 18G 4K HDR compatible HDMI extender sets to choose from

Because we have always preferred multiple choice tests. And nobody wants to be backed in the corner with one solution. A job is never one size fits all - You’re equipment shouldn’t be either!

Extend HDMI, Control, ARC, and even de-embed audio signals -- Up to 330 Feet!

Go Fully Uncompressed and Get the most from 18G with FIBER
Switch It Up with 3 All New 18G 4K HDR Matrix Switchers
<b>Extender Matrix</b>