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Product Overview

Features and Benefits

  • Fully Routable zero latency HDMI 2.0 signals up to 4K60 4:4:4 over standard 10GbE Network
  • Follows 10Gbps Ethernet networking standards, can extend full 4K60 18Gbps resolutions and capability up to 100 meters using CAT6A cable
  • HDMI output and 2 USB 2.0 client ports.
  • Supports HDR10+ & Dolby Vision
  • Supports Multi-Channel audio up to 7.1
  • Extends 1Gbps Ethernet, RS232, IR, & USB 2.0 High speed isochronus
  • USB can be routed from IPEX6001U-WP wall plate encoder or from stand-alone IPEX-USB2-H USB host device and can be switched and routed for multiple host/client configurations
  • Multi-view support with over 40 layout presets
  • Device is US 3 gang Decora style wall plate
  • Fully interoperable with other products using SDVoE technology
  • Easy to configure using Liberty AV's NEW Arranger software

IPEX6002U-WP-W Summary

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IPEX6002U-WP-W Firmware

IPEX6002U-WP-W Software

IPEX6002U-WP-W Pre-made Drivers

Disclaimer: Liberty AV assumes no responsibility or liability for pre-built control system drivers. The driver may or may not work for all projects, in situations where the driver is not suitable for the switching architecture, the driver cannot be adjusted for customized usage by Liberty. If you would like to contract services for customized control for a project please contact your sales representative.

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